Wander West Junior Stallions


Northern Star Lakeview Mitchel
AMHA ~ A 226757
  336596 T 
 Lab Tested
Homozygous for PATN1

DOB: April 9, 2016
Sire: CCMF Chasing the Dream
Dam: Landry Farms Star

Well, dreams do come true!
Never in my wildest dream did I think I would
ever find an lp/lp;PATN1/PATN1
Black Stallion!
Who in their right mind would bother to test
a solid, Appy Bred Mini for the Appaloosa genes?
Well, let me tell you.....the smart Breeders would!
Thank you Dianne & Bill Poast of Northern Star Miniatures
in Manitoba, Canada!
This genetic make-up is perfect for the homozygous LP
mares and the resulting offspring will not be night-blind.
And we all want to do what is right by the breed.
Miniature Appaloosas!

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