Wander West Miniature Stallion 

Northern Star Lakeview Mitchel
We no longer stand our stallions to outside mares
Lab Tested
n/n for Leopard complex
N/N for Pattern 1

Foaled ~ April 9, 2016
Colour ~ Black  Appaloosa
Sire: CCMF Chasing The Dream
Landry Farms Star
AMHA ~ A 226757
AMHR ~ 336596 T
Another Appaloosa Stallion....this one is solid black with a star....
you may wonder...why purchase a solid black Appaloosa.
This boy is special.....because he carries 2 copies of the PATN1 Gene
which is the light switch for the LP gene....
So, when bred to LP/LP mares he will produce LP/lp foals
no homozygous (night blind) foals, and they will inherit at least
one copy of the PATN1 gene and they all will be colored.
Charger's foals

2019 Filly - Taffy
2019 Colt - Pride

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