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 We have experience in over seas shipping.

Please feel free to inquire.

All  Sales Subject to GST

 I am able to safely transport horses up to a

200 km radius from the ranch for $1.00  loaded km.

 I am also willing to meet your hauler on their route at the above rate.


  Deposits and payments can be made by E-transfers, money orders or certified cheques.
All horses are up to date on Vaccinations, deworming and hoof care

The fine print!

There will be no suprises for you. It's in black and white!

20 points to ponder......


> 1) GST applies to all sales.

> 2) Prices and availability are subject to change without notice

and prices quoted upon inquiry is good for 30 days.

> 3) Horses are reasonably priced in present day's market.

> 4) Cash offers may be considered, but not if you are wishing to make payments.

5) A minimum of $250.00 or (requested amount)
non-refundable deposit will reserve a horse

and deposit and payments MAY be transferable to another available horse if original purchased horse

dies during payment period. 

> 6) Payments (excluding deposits) can be used as farm credit in the event that the buyer does not fulfill

purchase agreement or some other extenuating circumstances. Farm credit must be used within 12 months. 

 > 7) All of our Minis are double-registered AMHA & AMHR (unless noted.)

8) All registrations and signed  transfers are provided to the to buyer upon payment in full.

> 9) Buyers that are NOT members of AMHA & AMHR, we, the sellers

will do the transfer for you for the fee of $65.00 per horse will be added onto the cost of the horse(s).

No Exceptions! Too many of our horses are not being transferred! This makes it very difficult for any future buyers.

> 10) We will accept a payment plan if needed, but 3% will be added to the price of the horse.

This only applies to horses bought at asking prices. Discounted prices will not apply to payment plans.

 > 11) 14 days (2 weeks) after receipt of deposit, 
$100.00 per month boarding or $5.00 per day (plus gst)

will be charged until the horse leaves the ranch. Boarding must be paid before the horse is released.

> 12) We STRONGLY urge buyers to take out mortality insurance when a deposit is given on any horse.

> 13) The Seller accepts
NO financial or emotional responsibility for the illness,

injury or death of any horse during the payment period, regardless of circumstances or lack of insurance. (see point #6)

> 14) Any and ALL vet expenses during the payment period will be the responsibility of the buyer.

> 15) Hoof care will be provided at no charge.

> 16) Wander West reserve the right to refuse any sale to any buyer and we reserve the right

to terminate any sale before buyer takes possession of the horse. Any paid fees will be refunded!

> 17) All Available Horses are guaranteed sound until they load and leave the ranch, unless noted.


What happens to the mare in foal after leaving the ranch is completely out of my control and

I will not be responsible if the mare aborts for ANY reason!
> 18) Wander West encourages all buyers to visit and personally inspect the horses.

> 19) A pre-exam by a licensed vet is encouraged at the buyers expense. 

> 20) All horses are up to date on vaccinations, including west nile, worming & farrier work.

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