Memory Lane

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Harmony Lane Blue Eyed Jack

AMHA: A155021
 Foaled: May 17, 2004 ~ April 2016
Color: Bay Pintaloosa
Sire: 'Sterwarts Baybe Blue'
Dam: 'Hunters Moon Morning Dew'
'Jack' is proving to be an awesome driving horse through and through.
Very willing to move out and is never tiring.
My beloved left me way too soon.
A piece of my heart went with you on that day.
Drive on big on!

Side Track Acres Appy Lucy
May 7, 2004 ~ April 9, 2016
Color ~ Black Appy Roan with Blanket
Sire ~ Running Creeks Dots A Mega Bucks - 31"
Dam ~ Sunrise Estates Crown Jewel - 31.50"
Losing you after a difficult delivery
was so very hard to do.
Run Free in Green Pastures
that you so loved.

Lazy TS Peters Babys Image 

DOB ~ May 16, 1996 ~ July 29, 2010
 Colour ~ Buckskin
Sire ~ Sheep Meadow Peter Pan
~ Sheep Meadow Butterfly
We lost Image in 2010 from West Nile
you left us so quickly.....hardly had time to say goodbye!  

Wander West A Spot Of Luck
~ pending
~ May 5, 2010 ~ June 7, 2010
~ will shed out to a near Silver Black Leopard
Sire ~ Sunnyvale Spot U Up One
~ Imprint Not So Lots 'O' Spots

You were so very hard to let in peace my beautiful Reno!
MLW Mega Bucks Dun On The Spot

AMHA: A 159815

April 12, 2005 ~ January 16, 2008
Colour: Dun Appaloosa, Star Black Mane & Tail
Sire: Running Creeks Dots A Mega Bucks 31.00"
Dam: Lil Kritrs Peach Blossom 32.00"

 You were with us a short 1.5 years......

Rest in peace my Sweet Prince, we will miss you!


When Bonnie was 8 years old, she wanted a horse really bad. Never shut up about one….bugged and bugged her mom and dad. Well, one day, her Dad dragged (literally) this gelding home for her.

18 years old, stubborn, 12 hh pony that had never had a halter on in his life....a handful but this is what taught Bonnie how to ride. All she had was a beat up old halter and bailer twine for a bridle and reins. She found an old bit that she tied onto the halter and away she went.

Bonnie spent more time on the ground then on his back the first month, but they finally came to an understanding. They would rip around the countryside, through the fancy resort area where all the wealthy people had their summer cottages, tearing up their lawns and jumping anything they could find. He loved to swim and there was no stopping him once they approached the beach. He would race across the sand, unable to stop him, Bonnie would hang on for dear life, and with a huge leap he would plunge into the water! They spent many summer hours swimming in the lake.

All this bare back. Never owned a saddle, but Bonnie did earn enough to buy a cheap western bridle with a new bit for him! Bonnie spent every waking hour with him.
Bonnie believe he kept her out of a lot of mischief.
He entertained many children on their adventures through the country side.
Tiny's favourite trick?
Escape from his stall and turn the water tap on in the barn.
Every child that has a love for horses should own their own 'Tiny.'

                      Tiny waits for Bonnie at the 'Rainbow Bridge. my eyes

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