Wander West Miniature Mare

Tailwinds Mi Amore
AMHA ~ A 206525

 A Tailwinds Mi Amore
AMHR ~  311445 T
26 Known Appaloosa's
out of 129 horses behind Ditzi

 genotype LP/LP, N/N, E/E, a/a, n/PATN1

Measured 34" June 27, 2014 

 Foaled ~ June 10, 2011
~ Near Fewspot Pintaloosa ~ with extensive Appy roaning

Ditzi as a foal for those that don't beleive she's a snowcap!
This is what Appy Roaning can do to an LP/LP mini over a short period of time.
It's not the grey gene that's turned her white.

~ Tailwinds Mister Appy Jack
~ T Scouts Mini Mia ~ 33.50"
Beans - 2015 Filly
Escort - 2017 Filly

 What can I say!
This is a big no-no as far as breeding for Appys, 
but I decided to purchase this girl
just to see what happens when I breed her to my Wizard boy.
Ditzi has a lot of really nice qualities that a lot of people overlooked when
she was offered for sale. Even myself and I studied this filly for quite some time.

First thing was I was amazed at how tiny her head is even though she's a larger mare!
A real bonus if I do say so myself.
In this photo she's a bit heavy, but you can see she has a good length of neck
which comes out of her shoulder at a nice location.

And she has nice sloped shoulder, and she has good extension.
Again, this is perfect for a driving horse. No choppy steps here!
Good bone on this girl, and a lovely hip on her,
lower tail set means she's tucked under herself,
which means she's not front end heavy.....great for driving abilities.
Short Cannon bone.  Short backed.

Tiny ears, wide spread eyes, but I would like to see a bigger eye.
That is not important to me though.
After all, who has the perfect Mini?
Great attitude. Loves people, a real pocket pet.
We do like this girl and I'm sure she'll do well for us.
Thanks to Sharen & Will at Tailwinds Junction Miniatures

AMHA pedigree

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