Wander West Miniature Filly

Wander West Spot The Masterpiece

AMHA - A 223207
AMHR - 332018 T
Color: Suppressed Near Leopard
Gender: Filly

Foaling Date: June 1st, 2015

  approx 6.75" inch cannon bone
Measured August 24, 2015 ~ 25"
Measured January 28, 2016 ~ 26.50"

 Lab Tested LP/lp

Well, cute as a button and full of beans,
hence the name. A lovely little filly, the last to
be foaled in 2015 and I could not be more pleased.
A month before Ditzi foaled I assumed
she was an open mare, then 2 weeks later
the mare started to bag up. So she went into the
watch pen and foaled this little girl.
A very good mom and is definately a keeper,
including Bean's sire, Wizard!

coming soon!
 Sire: MI
Model T Magic Man

Tailwinds Mi Amore

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