Wander West Miniature Filly

Wander West Wearing Sable

AMHA  ~ A 219754
AMHR ~ 327663 T
Falabella Blend ~ Eligible

Color: Silver Black with Spotted Blanket
Gender: Filly
Foaling Date: June 23, 2014

Measured 20" at foaling.
almost 7 inch cannon bone

Measured in at 23" July 23, 2014

Projected mature height to be approx. 32 - 33"


 Foaled at approx 7 pm, June 23, 2014.

 How can anyone resist these little babies!

Sable is as sweet as they come!
have a look at the conformation on this girl at a month old!
you can see she'll mature into a wonderful show quality filly!
Both sire and dam are Leopards and Sable will pass on her Appy Qualities to her foals.
Easy to handle and is learning how to lead quickly.
May be for sale come weaning.

 This is the first foal that Tonto has given us.
We are pleased!

 Sire:  Toyland Tonto
Teachers Pet Freckled Diva

Headed Home
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