Wander West Miniature Colt


Wander West Cool & Crisp

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AMHA  ~ A 219758
AMHR ~ 327661 T
Color: Black Snowcap
Gender: Stallion
Foaling Date: May 18, 2014

Measured 21.5" at foaling.
Measured at 25" on July 23, 2014

7.5 inch cannon bone

Before Clipping                                                                           After Clipping

 We were hoping for a spotted Filly as this is one of two mares that were bred by Twister before we sold him.
But, I'm happy to see that Twister once again gave us a beautiful colored foal.
Kokanee is a snowcap colt which means he's homozygous for the Appaloosa gene
and will be a huge asset to any serious Appaloosa breeder. His geneotype most likely is LP/LP/PATN1/patn1,
but I'm hoping that he's homozygous for the PATN1 gene. 
Once the lab test is developed (and they're close) we will have him tested if still on the ranch.
Long legs on this boy. Lovely layback and his graceful neck comes out at the right angle.
Good hip on this boy. Short back. Cute head and tiny ears.
Yes, we are pleased.

 Sunnyvale Spot U One Up
Dam: Side Track Acres Appy Lucy
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