Wander West Miniature Mare

Wander West  Jazzy Spotsation

Imported from Williamstown, New Jersey

 AMHA  ~ A 212821
AMHR ~ 318770T

41 Known Appaloosa's out of 86 registered horses behind Jazz

Beautiful Suppressed Leopard Mare
Lab Tested  LP/lp; n/PATN1


Foaling Date:   March 29, 2012
Height ~ 33" November 15, 2013
33.75" July 14, 2015
Color:   Bay  Suppressed Leopard

C Spots Justin Fortunate Son
 Dam: J Bar CS Ciscos Colette

As her half sister, looking at this filly's pedigree you will find 41 Appaloosa's behind her.
In Jazz's pedigree of 86 registered horses there are only 8 pintos registered
with the sire only having 4.
The breeder is very intent on breeding pure Appaloosa's. 
And look at the top horses in her pedigree!

Toyland Taquito, Toyland Zodiac, Toyland Casino Chips.
 Lovely little  Near Leopard filly along with her 1/2 sister,
has now arrived at the ranch all the way from New Jersey, USA
Both Eclipse and Jazz have been clipped and I now see the WOW factor!

Very refined, modern fillies!
According to the Appaloosa Project Jazz has inherited the PATN1 gene by her spotting pattern
and is actually a suppressed leopard (or near-leopard, if you prefer).


2017 Colt

Headed Home
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