Wander West Miniature Mare

Wander West Impostor In A Skirt

AMHA  A 207385
AMHR 312242 T


16 Known Appaloosa's Behind Tricky

 Lab test results indicate that she is LP/LP
which means Tricky is homozygous for the Appaloosa gene.

For those that don't understand the meaning behind the genetics of this girl,
LP/LP means that you can breed her to a solid stallion
with Appy in his background and
you will be guarenteed color but we will avoid Snowcaps and Fewspot foals
that are night blind.

Measured at 31" April 12, 2012
Color:  Roan Appaloosa
Foaled:  May 21, 2011

This is our 3rd Filly for 2011 and we couldn't be happier! A long legged girl with a pretty little head.
She is a high stepping filly with a beautiful swan neck.
Now that she's clipped she is sporting spots on her hips.
She will eventually roan out like her mom.
Very refined, lovely reach and drive.
Short, level Topline and large doe eyes and a dishy head.
 There are white hairs coming in on the top of her hip so she will color out.

 AMHA Pedigree

Sire:  Sunnyvale Spot U One Up

Dam:   Devines Chimera

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