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March 2003

To Whom It May Concern:
I have known Bonnie and John Hetherington since 1998 and during
this time I have got to know them and their dogs very well. Bonnie is very
knowledgeable and caring when it comes to her dogs. Her dogs are very clean
and healthy and if a problem does arise, she deals with it promptly. I know
of no health problems that would be of concern to anyone receiving a dog
from the Hetherington's. These dogs are also very well behaved and I can
honestly tell you that the temperaments of her dogs as a whole are better
than any other dogs that I deal with at the clinic.
I have many clients that also deal with her personally and all have only
positive comments when speaking of her and her dogs. I would recommend any
dog from Bonnie and John Hetherington. If you have any questions or
concerns, please feel free to call.

Thank you,
Greg Linnell D.V.M.

To Future Dalmatian Buyers:
This letter is to inform potential buyers of Dalmatians that Echo View Kennels is the place to find that perfect Dal! We purchased two (2) Dalmatian puppies, named Cinder and Blaze to replace our beloved Sheba; who had passed away after 13 ½ years. 
We had searched many different breeders, but after speaking to John & Bonnie we decided to give them a visit. On our first trip there, we were treated like part of the family, like were part of the gang.
We immediately ordered one puppy, but ended up taking two and have never regretted it. They have become the fire departments mascots, they love everyone and everyone loves them. Their beautiful stances and wonderful dispositions with everyone they meet, especially children, make them exceptional friends.
We meet with the Hetherington’s on a regular basis (with the Dals) and would not hesitate to recommend these great breeders of wonderful Dalmatians to anyone.
Give them a call, they know their Dals! 

Roger & Marion Ekman
RR #4, 1402 17 A St
Invermere, BC
V0A 1K4
250 342-3291

SGS Protection
P.0 Box 7081
Peace River, Alberta T8S IS8
 Hi, this is Drager, Echo View's Five Alarm Fire, and the light of our lives. I could think of no better way to tell you about what we think of Echo View Dalmatians and Bonnie and John and the Spotted Gang, than to introduce you to her.
Drager is our first Dalmatian family member. She lives in semi-peaceful co-existence with our 2 cats. 1 don't think that there is anything or, for that matter, anyone that she doesn't love. That is one thing that you will notice about the Echo View Dals, their great temperaments.  They are brought up in a loving, home environment. Their love for each and every puppy and adult shows.
Bonnie and John have always been there to answer any and all questions we had - from should she eat every dandelion in sight (which she does from time to time) to is it normal for her to want to sleep all the time (when she first came home). No matter what the question was, they had the answer and they are still answering questions to this day. Their follow-ups with us have proved time and again their concern and love for all the pups
As you can see, Drager fits right in with the profession commonly associated with Dals (guess she takes after Gramma Echo!), and now has about 30 god-parents! She has taken well to the noise and bustle around the fire hall and seems right at home in and out of the trucks. Special thanks are due to Bonnie & John's effort in getting our of her formal name accepted. To tell the honest truth, Drager gets along with everyone like a house on fire.
We would not hesitate for an instant to recommend Bonne, John and Echo View Kennels to anyone considering adding a Dal to the family. Their love for the breed, their caring and on-going concern are evident from the initial meeting to ....well, forever! We have absolutely no regrets in our choice of breeder and we recommend them to you as reputable and responsive to both the needs of the owner and the dogs. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by mail, phone or e-mail.
Susan & Graham Smyth (and DrAger)
Phone: (780) 618-6930

To Whom it may Concern,
 I have nothing but good things to say about Echo View Dalmatian Kennels.
 My husband and I had known for some time that we wanted a Dalmatian, and being new in the Calgary area, thought that the best way to find potential breeders would be over the internet. Thee was a wealth of information on the web, some of which informed us of what to look for in a good breeder. It gave many example questions to ask the potential breeder.
Echo View Dalmatian Kennels answered all my questions and addressed all of my concerns before I even had a chance to get to them! The first email I received from them gave me an initial confidence in them that only grew with time.
Bonnie was kind enough to invite us to her home to meet the dogs, and she and her husband. This experience is what closed it for my husband and I. We knew, after leaving the kennel that these were the people, dogs and kennel that we wanted to deal with.
 At the time, my husband and I were looking at a summer puppy for the following year, that would come from a litter of Keeper and Slyder. Bonnie and John let us meet these dogs personally, and learn first hand about their great temperament. We then had a chance to meet the other dogs. It gave that personal touch, which proves that Echo View truly cares about their dogs, and their potential buyers.
As luck would have it, my husband and I received a puppy from an earlier litter than originally planned. Echoview’s Duel’n Banjo came home with us on January 5, 1998.  Our lives have never been the same since – they have definitely taken a turn for the better!  We often wonder what we ever did without him.
 Banjo will be one year old on September 26’98, and he is an absolutely wonderful pup! He always has been. Many people seem to have this preconceived idea about Dals, and how they are high stung and hard to manage. I believe these are the people who buy without knowing anything about the breed. If you did, you could not help but love them. And with the wonderful dogs that Echo View Dalmatian Kennels provides, there is no way, in my mind, that you can receive anything other than a top notch Dal!
 I would recommend Echo View Kennels to anyone who is looking at the Dalmatian breed. When I purchase my next Dal, I will definitely be going back to Echo View. The follow-up we have had from Bonnie since bringing Banjo home has been outstanding and very impressive – her love for her dogs is very obvious and refreshing. We hope to bring Banjo back one day to visit his family.
 If you have any questions, or would like to discuss Echo View Dalmatian Kennels further, or meet our wonderful Dal first hand to see the great work Echo View does, please do not hesitate to call me. My number can be obtained through Bonnie.
Best of Luck – enjoy your Dals!
Sheri & Gary Kunzi
Dear Echoview Kennels,
We were proud owners of our first Dal Dexter since 1994 when we suddenly parted with him in September, 2005.  We never dreamed that Dexter would get this sick and that kidney failure would claim his life so quickly.  The pain was very real for us and our children as they had never known life without Dexter.
We started a frantic search to find a new addition to our family as the void was growing bigger everyday.  The search was difficult and we were getting worried until one day I found the Echoview site with Daisy and her puppies.  We had given up finding anyone in Quebec let alone Canada who still had Dals available.  The problem now was the distance separating us from perhaps having found a new companion.
We could not have found a more helpful family than The Hetheringtons’ to help us void this distance.  I still remember my initial call asking a thousand questions and yet you were so reassuring and willing to help.  After our initial contact you sent us a most impressive package loaded with information, answers to our questions and most importantly a questionnaire of your own asking to know more about us.  The package gave us a clear picture of the quality we could expect to get from Echoview Kennels.  This experience was one of first class from A to Z. 
We felt reassured every step of the way.  The magical day came!  Dudley was sent to us via Air Canada on October 31, 2005.  We could sense that you were so pleased to have found proud owners for him yet were sad to see him go.  The Hetheringtons’ truly give a lot of love, time and patience to all their Dals and want nothing but the best for them.  Dudley’s travels were so well organized from the toys, to the well labelled crate, the ice bucket and the pouches of food that Bonnie provided for him during the trip.
 We are truly overjoyed by this wonderful gift you’ve provided.  We never doubted for a second from all our dealings of the quality of Dals that you provide and Dudley is a clear indication of this.  He’s got beautiful markings, soft coat, a gentle temper and is as smart as a whip!  We have and will try to remain in touch as I know you would love knowing and seeing via photos how well Dudley is doing.  We would recommend Echoview Kennels hands down for the superior quality, trust and experience they’ve provided us.  We love Dudley dearly and will always remain grateful.  Our search is over and we hope to have the opportunity to buy another Echoview Dal someday.
God bless you,
The Van Eyk’s
550 Oriole CrescentDorval,
Ph : (514) 631-5753

Mary Graham
3039 4th Street SW
Calgary Alberta
T2S 1X9
403 287-3289
March 2009
To whom it may concern:
I am pleased to tell you that we are extremely happy with the puppy we bought from Bonnie and John Hetherington. “George” is nine months old and beautiful – we can’t take him for a walk without being stopped by people who want to praise him and ask where we got him. He is good-natured, very loving and turning into one fine dog.
He has many of the lovable and quirky traits of our other Dalmatian, who just turned thirteen. She made it very clear to him when he came into our house that she was the boss, and he has respected this with a cheerful, though mischievous attitude.
George is a good buddy to our ten-year-old and a constant source of joy to the family. We would not hesitate to purchase another dog from the Hetheringtons. They have provided great support and advice all the way. 
Mary Graham

February 19, 1997
Doreen and Heinz Willner
49 Strathearn Gardens,
SW Calgary Alberta, Canada
T3H 2R1
Dear Future Dalmatian Puppy buyer:
We are writing to relate our experience with Echo View Kennels and Bonnie Hetherington, and the acquisition of Wrangler, our beautiful Dalmatian, who came into our lives last month. A chance search on the Internet led us to Echo View Kennels; we were looking for a replacement for our Rocko, a Dalmatian that passed away at the end of November. We were looking for a grown dog rather than a puppy and Wrangler fulfilled all of our wishes, and then some! He is very loving, funny and energetic, a wonderful addition to our home.
From the first telephone conversation we knew that the Hetherington’s were more than just breeders, they truly loved and knew all of their dogs, and would only place one of their gang with the right home. When we visited Echo View, situated in beautiful rolling country north of Sylvan Lake, we could see at once that this was a dog haven. All the Dals were full of love and energy, in beautiful condition, and ready to steal our hearts.
Bonnie has been very understanding and helpful, and made sure that Wrangler was right for us--we passed the Wrangler interview and brought our spotted friend home right away! We certainly have no regrets with our choice of breeder and dog. It is reassuring to know that the Hetherington’s are there to help us with any questions or problems that we may have. Wrangler has stolen our hearts and has adjusted well to our home, although we think he sometimes remembers the frolicking in the snow with his Dalmatian family and perhaps has some doggie dreams about his first love, Bonnie! Don’t worry, Wrangler! We will try to live up to her example!
If anyone were looking for a well tempered, beautiful Dalmatian, we would not hesitate to recommend Echo View Kennels.
Heinz and Doreen Willner

August 8, 2012

Hi Bonnie!
Phoenix is wonderful!  She is so full of personality its always humorous to just watch her.  She loves playing with balls, and she loves to play fight with her dad.  She comes to work with me every day and everyone loves having her around.  The space heater in my office has become hers…she lays infront of that thing for hours at a time and just basks in the heat!  Yesterday she went for her spaying.  I know for sure that they didn’t remove her voice box!  She did really well and it hasn’t really seemed to phase her at all.  She’s back to being the goof that she always is.  They also completed her Rabies shots.
We are so pleased to have her in our lives.  She is very loving and respectful.  And we have so much fun with her!  She is one of a kind!  I have all kinds of photos on my phone…when I get them off I will forward some to you!
Hope all is well with you and the critters.
Kim, Adam and Phoenix Pup

May 20, 2012
Hello Bonnie and John,

 How is everything with you?
Thought I would send a quick note to let you know that Razor is doing very well. He is growing into a great dog very gentle and friendly. I had him neutered about a month ago and he recovered quickly from that. Him and Spike get along great and are good buddies, they love to wrestle, explore and play fetch I think Razor may be more of a Frisbee freak than Spike (if that's possible lol). As you said when I got Razor you can't even notice he is a uni he can hear fine and I think he listens better than Spike. Although Razor does make mistakes sometimes, like yesterday when we were driving in town he likes to stick his head out the window; well he had his ball in his mouth and of course he dropped it out on the road and all he could do was watch it go. So needless to say I will need to buy him another ball LOL.
 Take Care.
 Mark Spike and Razor

August 2, 2013
To Whom It May Concern
After much research, I had the pleasure of purchasing a puppy from Echoview Dalmatians.  I completed all the paperwork giving Bonnie a very clear description of my requirements.  I required a very athletic dog, one who could and would enjoy biking, walking, running, blading and especially horseback riding.  On June 24, 2011 she picked a puppy from a litter that she felt was up to the task.  I have not been disappointed.  Everything I asked for plus more, he has been super easy to train.  He is gorgeous in looks as well and I am often told that he could have been a champion in the show ring.  Wherever I go he gets compliments, and we travel often.  He attracts alot of attention and people praise his calmness.  I always tell them, Echoview Dalmatians, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  I am proud to be an owner of one of their dogs.
Please don't hesitate to contact me via email for pictures or a chat.
Charlene Rhode

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