'Spot Our Parade of
Conformation Champions'

 Without Dedicated buyers & Exhibitors
we would have never reached this number of Champions!
I dedicate this page to each and every one of you!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
A job well done and you make John and I so proud!
All but one....our foundation bitch has our Kennel Name Included!

Best Baby Puppy In Group
61. Can CH
 Echoviews N Auscan Nu Game Plan
Co-owned, loved and Handled
by John

Multi Best Baby Puppy In Group & Best Puppy In Group
60.  Can CH. Spavinaw Ck Hear UR Make NN Waves @ Echoview  

 59. Can CH  Cocoabeach N Echoviews Hershey
co-owned/loved/handled by
Tammy O'Donnell

 58. Can CH Echoviews Lil Wicked Cricket
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Best Baby Puppy in Group
Can CH BBPIG Happy Trails & Echoviews Mission NN Pawsible
Loved/co-owned & Handled by Brandy Dobson

Multi Baby Puppy In Group
56. MBBPIG CH Echoveiws N Black Rocks Nu Rising Star
Loved/co-owned & handled by Brandie Maitland

55. CH Echoview N Heartspots Nu Dream
Loved/co-owned & Handled by  Melanie Matwie

Best Baby Puppy In Group
BBPIG Can CH Echoviews Nu Gem For Clairity
Loved, owned and handled by Tiffany Shaw

53. Can CH Echoviews Toys In The Attic

52. Can G CH Echoviews Prairie Storm 
Loved/co-owned & handled by Maree Okabe

Multi Baby Puppy In Group; Multi Puppy In Group
51. MBBPIG, MBPIG G CH Echoviews Nu Celestrial Opus
Loved//owned and handled by Brandy Dobson

50. Can CH Echoviews Devine Wicked Games'
Loved/co-owned & handled by Kaitlin Glass

Multi Baby Puppy In Group; Multi Puppy In Group
49. MBBPIG, MBPIG Can G CH Spavinaw Creek N Echoviews Nu Man In A Tux
Multi Group Placer

Multi Baby Puppy In Group; Multi Puppy In Group
48. MBBPIG, MBPIG Can G Ch Spavinaw Ck N Echoviews Nu Flirt In A Skirt
Group Winner and Multi Group Placer

Multi Baby Puppy In Group
 47. MBPIG Can CH Echoviews Nu Wicked Games
Loved/co-owned by Elana Stack

46. Can CH Echoviews Wicked Twilite Games

45. Can GCh Echoviews Quintessential Games, CGN
Viewing page has been suspended.

Multi Baby Puppy In Group
Group Winner and Multi Group Placer
44.  MBPIG Can CH Echoviews Weavin' Wicked Dreams
Loved/Owned & Handled by Cayla Schlekewy

43. Ch Echoviews Diamond In The Ruff
viewing page has been suspended.

Multi Baby Puppy Group
42. MBPIG CAN Grand CH Cocoabeach 'n' Echoviews Vixen
Multi Group Placer

Multi Baby Puppy Group
41. MBPIG Can Grand CH Echoviews Piano Man, RN, CGN
viewing page has been suspended.

Multi Baby Puppy in Show
40. MBPIS Ch Echoview Cocoabeach Queen Diva
Loved/Owned & handled by Jennifer Stockman

39. CH Echoviews Bizzi CN Spots

38. CH Cocoabeach n' Echoviews TNT 

 Group Winner/Multi Group Placer
37. GCH Cocoabeach'n Echoviews The Key

36. Ch Echoviews Bit Of Sizzle
Loved/owned & Handled by Lois Heinrichs

Multi Group Placer
35. Ch Dalamaze Go West To Echoview

34. Ch Echoviews Guilty Pleasures

Ch Echoviews Dark Deliverance

32. Ch Echoviews Lookin'4SomeHotStuff
Loved/Owned & Handled by Heather Bolen

 31. Ch Echoview Distorted Humor

30. Ch Echoviews Summer Scandal
Loved/Owned & Handled by Dave & Della Kyncl

29. MBPIG Ch Echoviews Divine Madness
Multi Group Winner/Multi Group Placer

28. Ch. Echoviews Sir Prize For Zemo'
Loved/owned & Handled by Don Anderson

Ch Echoviews Mystical Delusion
Loved/Owned & Handled by Chris Williams

CH Echoviews Crown Jewel

Multi Group Placer
25. Ch Beachcombers IBCN At Echoview

24. MBPIG CH Echoviews Talons Unleashed

CH Troika 'N' Echoviews Free Rein

22. Can Ch Echoviews In Hawk Position

21. BPIG Ch Echoviews Tasselled Bridle
Multi Group Placer

20. Ch. Echoviews Keg & Cork

19. BPIG Ch Echoviews Encore In Black

18. Ch Echoviews Music Box Dancer
Owned/Loved & Handled by John & Heather Bolen

Multi Group Placer
Ch Echoviews I'm Mister 2U

16. Ch Echoviews An Echo'O' Legend

15. Ch Echoviews An Echo O Luck

14. Ch Echoviews Silent Legacy

13. Ch Echoviews Erblicken Flecken

12. Ch Echoviews
An Echo'O'Shyloh

Owned/Loved & Handled by Roland & Christine Rehmenn

11. Ch Echoviews Echo Kaleidoscope
Multi Group Placer
10. Ch Echoviews Unbridled Renegade

Multi Group Placer
9. Ch Echoviews Pride Of Roxyridge

Multi Group Placings
8.  Ch MBPIG Echoviews Special Attraction

Multi Group Winner
7. Can/Int Ch Echoviews Raisin' Kane

 Group Winner
6. MBPIG Ch. Echoviews Coming Attraction

5. Ch Echoviews Spirit
Multi Group Winner; Best Puppy In Show
4. BPIS/MBPIG CH Echoviews An Echo'O'Promise

Multi Group Winner
3. Ch. Echoviews An Echo'O'Time

Multi Group Winner
MBPIG Ch Dalradors Echoes Ginas Promise

 1. Ch Dalrador Dal Appy Bonsai Echo

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