'Waiting At The Bridge'

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To all of those that have lost a beloved animal companion
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'It came to me that every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them.
And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart.
If I live long enough, all parts of my heart will be dog
and I will become as generous and loving as they are.'

Ch. Echo Views Divine Madness ~ Amber


'Ch Troika n' Echoviews Free Rein' ~ Coach

'Ch Echoviews I'm Mister 2U' ~ Mister

 Ch Echoviews Guilty Pleasures ~ Envy

Ch. Echoviews Silent Legacy   ~   Whisper Sil

Ch. Echoviews Mystical Delusion   ~    Misty

Can/Int Ch. Echoviews Raisin' Kane   ~   Raisin 

Echoviews Just You Wait NC   ~   Dylan

Ch Echoviews Pride of Roxyridge      ~    Slyder

Ch Dalradors Dal-Appy Bonsai Echo     ~     Echo

Ch Echoviews An Echo'O'Time     ~     Soleil

Old Fashioned Sky Dancer (L)
  ~   Dancer

Echoviews Amber'N Blue CD (L)
  ~   Smudge

Ch. Echoviews Coming Attraction 
~ Keeper

Ch Echoviews Music Box Dancer 
~ Franki

Echoviews Brownstone Tag-A-Long CDX
~ Tag

Ch Echoviews An Echo'O'Shyloh 
~ Shyloh


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