'Hollee's 1st Litter'
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page updated April 9th, 2017
(pedigree below)

ON MARCH 6TH, 2017

3 females and 2 males.
5 deposits on file so all puppies are sold.

Photos below taken April 8, 2017

N = Normal copy of the uric acid gene
HU =  mutated copy of the uric acid gene

First time stacking so the puppies did quite well!
Next time will be even better!
below - Female - 8237 - N/HU

Spot Pepper!
below - Male - 3055 - N/HU

Spot Nash!
below - Female 1813 - HU/HU

below - Female - 3308 - HU/HU
below - Male - 8647 - HU/HU

  Gunner is heterozygous for the LUA gene so 1/2 of his litter
should inherit this very important gene.
Click here for more info on the 'Backcross Project'

'Can CH Moon River JGH'

'Echoviews Little Wicked Ways'


We are talking applications for our next planned litter.
visit the future plans here
  If interested in a puppy please email me with
your snail mail address (postal) and a working phone #
and I'll forward to you the buyer's information guide.

If we are fortunate enough to have LUA puppies,
 I will be giving special considerations to show/breeding homes
contact me to see if you qualify!

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"The Fine Print"

There will be no suprises for you.

It's in black and white!

> GST applies to all sales.

> Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

> A minimum (requested amount) non-refundable deposit
will reserve a puppy
and if requested, MAY be transferable to future litter one time. 

 >  Registration Certificates are provided to the to buyer once the terms of the contract are fulfilled.

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