'Dee Dee's Litter'

Dee Dee whelped 1 puppy
March 21, 2016
 1 male

This little puppy has been sold.
Watch our Future Litter page for upcoming plans!


Birth Day

Day 1

Day 6

Day 10 (below) - The spots are starting to show
Day 28 (below) - first stacked photo
March 2017

Dee Dee sure surprised us!
At week 5 into her pregnancy, we figured she hadn't settled.
so life went on as normal for her.
Chasing squirrels and jumping 4 foot fences.
But on March 21, she decided not to come out of her kennel
and spent the day nesting.
8:30 pm she started pushing
and out popped Atlas!
Lovely little boy that was placed into a show home but the co-owner lied to me and
talked me into neutering him!
Trying to run several males together is never a good

Dee Dee's hips OFA'd good.
 thyroid  tested normal.
Echoviews Piano Girl

Bi-lateral hearing

Can G CH. Echoviews Piano Man, RN, CGN

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