Spot Our Past Star


June 8, 1999 - March 6, 2012

'Ch Echoviews Silent Legacy'

Date Of Birth: June 8, 1999
Sex: Female
BAER Tested Bi-lateral Hearing
Date Of Birth: Sept 7, 2000
Sire: Ch. Countryboy Sawyer Brown, CD (L)
Dam: Echoviews Lady Formal Affair, CD


With Heavy Hearts......

With heavy hearts;

And a tear in our eyes after all these years;

We must say goodbye.

Please understand;

We've done all we could if there was anything we could do;

You know we would.


I'm sitting right here;

Gently rub your ears while I talk to you softly;

Trying to hold back the tears.

The memories you gave us;

We'll never forget especially the ones;

Of the day we met.


One last hug; and one last kiss

You have no idea; how much you'll be missed.

To look into your eyes this one last time you tell me it's okay;

You know it's your time.


Close your eyes now and go to sleep

We'll pray to the Lord; your soul He will keep.

Go in peace now; our good friend

We'll stay right here with you; until the end.


Dreams of that special day and time

When we'll meet at the Bridge; and all will be fine.

We'll run and play; side by side

With a soft warm feeling; deep down inside.


Your memory will love on;

In each one of us you'll always be number 1;

To all of us.

Have a safe journey;

Through the night I promise when you awake;

You'll be in God's light.


So with heavy hearts;

and tears in our eyes

just for now my friend;

...we say goodbye.



~Author Unknown~


Whisper Sunning Herself
On the Kitchen Table!

Whisper Smiles For The Camera!
She Is Our Silly Clown!

At 12 weeks of age 'Whisper' is another 'Echo' in every sense of the word! 
Strong willed and determined to be boss,
"Whisper" although bred for the obedience ring will have that
"I'm the Best" attitude in the Conformation Ring.
With a heavy dose of the Echo View Temperament 'Whisper'
will carry on the tradition of Echo View Beauty & Brains in fine style.
Watch for her soon.

Whisper's first time in the ring and
much to our surprise Whisper shouted
"Watch Me" at the Judge during the Westerly Show
and earned 4 points by taking Winners Female over quality competition.
She made "Daddy" Proud!!
The next day Whisper entertained the crowd
with her antics and strutted her stuff for the judge
performing for all she was worth and took
Best of Breed over Quality competition.
'Dallas' & 'Amber' Whisper's Offspring!

Whisper is now retired an still
rules the house and new puppies.

Headed Home!
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