For the Love of the Dalmatian!

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Why I Prefer The Dalmatian
by Paula Homiller
Tattoo K's, Newtown, Pennsylvania

A Good Dalmatian fills the eye first, the heart forever. His Beauty is clean,
No frills, no concealment. One can truly SEE his strong, symmetrical body,
sleek white coat, black or liver spotting that make his loveliness sparkle.
He looks the same every day without cropping, docking, barbering, plucking and what-not.
A natural dog always, he is naturally healthy, hardy, long-lived and tolerant of all climates.
Easily whelped, easily cared for, what breed give more pleasure for less trouble?

His medium size recommends him, big enough to command respect,
yet so neatly made and nimble he is no misfit anywhere.
He's a game dog for any "Sport" a gentle fellow for leisurely persons,
a gay companion and guard for children. Now no dog can be everything to everyone.
But-----along with the accomplishments of any respectable dog (and others peculiarly his own)
The Plum Pudding has one talent at which he is sheer perfection.......
the ability to fit his owner like a good shoe.

He will mold his life in the pattern you chose for him cleaverly
fulfilling your design. Dalmatians are as individual as their owners.
Another's Dal may not appeal to you, nor would any other's boots.
But of your own Spotted Dick you will say, "MY dog-----the best dog in the world!"
He will give you his complete devotion, his loyalty, his heart.
He will live for you alone and using keen intelligence
and strangely acute sensibilities will become what YOU want him to be.

He is not a casual ornament. He has more to offer than the gift
of his beauty, the greater gift of his beauty of character.
To say I "Prefer" the breed is feeble. I love it and always will.
The Dalmatian is one of the finest things in an unfine world.

----taken from 'Dog World" ---- July 1941